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Texas Star Training Academy offers training, certifications, and re-certifications for security guards, law enforcement, and the public. Our training courses meet and exceed the state of Texas’ guidelines and provides a wealth of industry-required and related knowledge. 

NOTICE: It is a criminal offense in the state of Texas to perform any type of security-related work without a license, regardless if you or your employer avoid using the term “security” (such as: courtesy officer, event staff, bouncer, etc).  See section at the bottom of the page.    Note: You do not have to be employed prior to taking this class

Public Courses


License to Carry

The State of Texas has adopted legislation that allows its law abiding citizens to either Concealed Carry or Open Carry their handguns for self-protection.

There is only one course and one license, as it will allow you to carry both Open or Concealed as needed in public (or allowed on a certain property). 



Whether you are a security professional, CHL holder, or just a concerned citizen that wants additional training, our advanced firearms/weapons course is designed to give you the knowledge, confidence, and foundation required to operate effectively, safely, accurately, and on the next level. Be an asset instead of a liability when firearms are involved.



The Field Course includes: a presentation of ethical and responsible hunting, participation in a hunting skills trail, a live firing exercise, review of regulations and a final exam (score at least 75% to pass). The Field Course is completed in one day. 



Shooting Range Provided

Security Courses

Non-Commission security officer training (unarmed/basic security) course is the beginning level for individuals seeking to work in the private security industry regardless of their background or knowledge.

This course is a DPS requirement, to be able to receive a “Non-Commissioned” security license.



The Level 3 Security Officer Commission, often nicknamed “the gun class,” actually provides 35 hours of non-firearm related topics security professionals need to know – and 10 hours of firearms training. 

DPS requires proof of a Level 2 Non-Commission training class in order to process your Level 3 Commission license.

If you need the Level 2 Non-Commission class also, please sign up for both. We provide FREE Lv-2 class if also taking the Lv-3 course. 



Level 4

Bodyguard Training

Bodyguard training certification and licensing are required by the state of Texas in order for individuals to work as Bodyguards, Executive Protection Agents, Personal Protection Officers, etc., which also allows them to work in plain clothes and carry concealed while on duty as a PPO.

This course is 30 hours and includes classroom and live fire exercises. 




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