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Commercial Services

Texas Star Security offers a variety of Commercial Security Services to fulfill your needs. We offer customizable, flexible, and temporary site solutions. We understand you can't always plan your security needs and often need resources at a moments notice.

Patrol Inspection

Patrol Inspection provides conscientious and visible security presence on your site to discourage trespassing, vandalism and other heinous acts. 

Courier Service

Our secure delivery drivers are screened and insured, and are highly experienced in the secure handling of expensive, delicate, or temperature-sensitive delivery items.

Alarm Response

Let our well trained officers respond in the middle of the night to your alarm alerts. Our officers are trained in what to look for and when to involve law enforcement. 

Loss Prevention

Theft adds up to large losses for businesses every year. It occurs in retail settings, warehouse, or anywhere customers and employees have access to merchandise and other items.

Workplace Security

We offer a range of workplace security services for your organization.  Designed to ensure a safe, productive work environment for all your employees.

Escort Service

We can provide an officer to be at your site at a specific time to provide escort to your employees should you feel the environment is not safe.

Here are a few industries we service:

Office Buildings


Government Agencies

Construction Sites


Apartment Complexes

Retail Stores / Malls



Residential Communities



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