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Even the slightest lapses in security can be critical to the safety and health of the public. Planners must be very considerate when formulating a security strategy. The strategy should rightfully address all flaws and possible vulnerabilities within the security system. Any small loopholes in the security can provide access opportunities for infiltrators.

You must be aware of the common areas that are often exploited for a security breach. These are areas that most entities and businesses will leave unchecked and unaddressed. Sometimes, even the smallest unchecked areas can be the cause of a major loss.

They may also be the reason for traumatic events and destruction within the premises. The best safety system allocates guards and uses technology to constantly monitor all the major entry points, along with the blind spots that many people happen to miss out on. Additionally, there are some aspects to security systems that also lead to lapses in security.

Gaps between Doors

Despite having motion sensors and video surveillance in place, movements and activities happening within the thin gaps between doors can easily go unnoticed. Perpetrators can gain entry into secure locations by using these gaps. They can enable the doors to open and compromise some of the important documents and valuables on the other side of the door.

This is an area that most people do not give much attention to when formulating a security system around a premise. It is largely because they undermine the abilities of the wrong-doers and cannot comprehend anyone exploiting such a thin gap in the defense.

Covering up the gaps is the best way to prevent a victim from slipping objects through them. Other than filling up the gaps, the next best safety prevention technique to counter this would be to increase motion sensor sensitivity or add motion sensors in areas close to the door gaps.

Outdated Security

Technological innovations are redefining many aspects of our lives. Some would argue that it has influenced the security sector the most. In recent years, there have been astronomical improvements in surveillance technologies such as cameras and sensors.

Security cameras today can provide high-resolution footage and offer incredible visibility to security guards. Having updated security differences can be the difference of whether you are vulnerable to external threats or not.

Therefore, in today’s age, having an outdated security system is a security lapse that criminals will be quick to exploit. Updates and replacements are essential to both cyber and physical security systems.

Keep in mind that new security systems and updates are invented in response to the modern security breaches which older security systems could not handle. This ultimately means that you should not expect old systems to protect you against modern, innovative attacks.

Glass Infrastructure

In the age of today, minimalist architecture and design are in high demand. The use of glass for doors and barriers is very common. However, if you care about safety, then you may have to compromise aesthetic pleasure for protection.

Burglars and criminals can easily break through glass material and gain entry. If you still want to have compartments that are separated by glass, it is best to equip them with motion sensors. The premise windows should consist of hard glass that is tough to breakthrough.

Using glass for infrastructure should come with security considerations. This material can easily be pierced through with the help of cutting tools and other high-tech pieces of equipment. Glass doors and windows are areas that you need to address. You should also place more cameras and sensors in locations with more glass doors and windows.

Final Words

In today’s uncertain environments, there are many different ways criminals and offenders can access your premises and compromise your business. Security threats are taking shape into different forms, and you need to be up to date and prepared for everything. Despite all your efforts to prevent lapses in security, you may still have to deal with an invasive breach.

This is why you also have to prepare for minimizing risks in the face of a security lapse. This means that you have to make it difficult for the perpetrator to access valuables once they break into your premises. For this, you will have to resort to advanced safety systems that secure your valuables.

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