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Mobile Patrol is one of the best ways to secure all parameters around your area. Patrolling refers to surveying, monitoring, and observing company sites or a specific area.

Patrolling Services

Texas Security Equipment uses highly skilled officers that drive visible vehicles around a premise. Patrolling can be done either indoors or outdoors. They drive visible vehicles so that they can quickly respond to alarms and escort employees safely into and out of business premises. The patrolling services also include opening and closing business premises.

Random Check-ins

Security officers that randomly monitor an area at different times can vastly increase your security. This is because criminals and offenders usually carry out their malicious activities at quieter times when no one is present. When you are not on the site, you can expect the Texas Star Security guards to always be patrolling.

Flexible Approach

Texas Star Security patrol officers are always ready to quickly respond to numerous situations. This highly flexible approach to security gives you the advantage to initiate on-sight security without an around the clock payroll. At the core of all mobile security services, lies the opportunity to provide patrol inspections and alarm responses.


Texas Star Security allows clients to customize inspections according to their needs. If you want officers to secure a large surface distance outside the business premise, then you can have officers drive around in cars looking for suspicious activities that can potentially be harmful for your business. This also helps you integrate a physical and mobile crime deterrent around the business premise.

Officers will also frequently step out of their vehicles to check doors and inspect vacant areas around a business that are most vulnerable to criminal activities. They will also record and document all inspection activities and results and report them to the superiors.

These types of services allow businesses to work with flexibility and transparency. They will also use communication devices to immediately alert any issues that need to quickly resolve.

Interior Inspections

Patrol inspections also involve interior inspections. These are inspections in which security officers will look for any suspicious activities, along with safety hazards inside the building. They not only check interior rooms, but also adjust equipment according to your orders.

Alarm Responses

In addition to inspection and patrolling services, the officers can also efficiently respond to alarms. Many enterprises and locations have very high fees if you want law enforcers to respond to the alarm. Private mobile patrol officers in this regard can be very cost effective for businesses and residents. You should also take into consideration that many of the motion sensor alarms are false.

When the alarm system triggers, the nearest security guard is alarmed. According to the type and area of the alarm, the officer will respond in a certain way. If they find an issue, then the officer will contact the proper authority, for example, building maintenance, firefighters, animal control, ambulance, or other emergency services.

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