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5 Things You Can Expect From a Security Patrol

Are you considering hiring a security patrol service? This element of commercial property security is often visible but may not be fully understood by business owners. What can you expect from a security patrol? And how can you get the most out of it? Here are a few key things to consider.

1. Checks and Tests

First and foremost, a security patrol will check entry and exit points as well as potential weak spots in your security perimeter. They will check locks, ensure that access control panels function, test doors and alarms, look for physical damage, and ensure entry points that should be closed remain so.

The added human element of a security officer means that they can see potential damage before it becomes a problem. They will notice, for instance, if foliage may obscure a camera or if the housing of an alarm has deteriorated. This prevents failures when you can least afford them.

2. Observation Skills

A security officer is trained to observe people and their surroundings so as to spot things that might indicate a problem. As security personnel get to know your business, they become familiar not only with your access control system — such as badges or coded security — but also with the individuals who are regularly on the site. This means they can help spot those who shouldn’t be somewhere and look for behavior and body language that may be suspicious.

3. Variety and Consistency

Patrols are designed to accomplish two seemingly different goals. First, they must provide consistency in what they test and what areas are secured. An officer will check all the required locations during their patrol, ensuring that nothing is missed.

But they will also vary their routines and the manner in which that consistent coverage is provided. The variations help prevent anyone from taking advantage of known routines.

4. Safety Awareness

Did you know that security officers are professionally trained in many areas of safety? Officers receive training in the de-escalation of conflicts and potentially explosive situations. They know how to talk to people to reduce tension or danger. And they know the best procedures to get the right help in an emergency. Many officers are also trained in first aid.

Safety comes in many forms. Officers might be called upon to walk at-risk employees to their cars or to recognize the signs of trauma in individuals. They have experience in fire prevention and response. And they’re crowd control experts if there’s an accident. Officers are in, short, multipurpose personnel who perform many services you might not think of in advance.

5. Visibility

A real person who walks around your business site and performs services has advantages over other forms of security. Among the biggest advantages are visibility and resulting reassurance. Cameras and alarms are often designed to not be obtrusive or obvious. Most monitors are hidden behind closed doors within your building or off-site. And security alarms or service signage can only provide so much visible protection.

An officer, though, is a highly visible presence that people immediately recognize and respect. They are a source of assistance for anyone who is uncertain or afraid. And they are a warning to anyone that may think about wrongdoing. When security officers are out and about on your property, they show you’re serious about company security and everyone’s safety.

Want to know more about the benefits of a security patrol on your work site? Start by consulting with an experienced security company in your area. For decades, Texas Star Security has provided security services to companies throughout Texas. We can help your company too. Make an appointment with us to assess your needs today.

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