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Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Like many Americans, you follow the same routine every morning getting ready for work, stopping at the same drive-through window for your coffee, and driving your usual route to work. But one ordinary day when you get to work you notice something’s different. The security alarm on the door to the plant isn’t armed like it should be. You go in and you’re flabbergasted when you realize you’re standing in a completely empty warehouse! Your inventory has been cleared out. Although this scenario is pretty dramatic, it could happen. And it could cost you your business. Without assets, you have no business. Keeping your assets safe requires diligence, planning, and consistency. But we’ve become a society that relies heavily on technology to do the work for us. Alarms and electronic security systems are excellent methods to be included in your security plan, but the human element shouldn’t be overlooked.

Theft and Vandalism Could Crush Your Business If you’re running a business that relies on inventory to supply to your customers and your product is stolen from your warehouse, you’re in big trouble. The sad fact is that people steal and not just criminals in the dead of night. Employees have been known to steal merchandise or inventory themselves or work in conjunction with other thieves to steal and sell their employer’s inventory. Professional security services could help reduce the risk of inventory disappearing by being onsite to monitor who is coming and going from where your product is being stored. The replacement cost of stolen inventory could be astronomical compared to the cost of hiring security guards, not to mention the possible spike in a company’s insurance premiums after the loss.

Keep an Eye on Your Equipment Companies spend millions of dollars on equipment to conduct their businesses. From computers to construction tools, companies rely on their equipment to run their businesses and increase their profits. Stolen or vandalized equipment causes a huge headache for everyone – suppliers, customers, company management, shareholders, employees – no one is immune from the negative fallout. The company responsible for the interruption in business due to their missing equipment not only loses money but may cause their suppliers to lose money too and take their future business elsewhere. A company’s reputation is priceless. Proper security planning could reduce the cost, inconvenience, and possible ruin of a company’s reputation.

Empty Buildings Don’t Make Money Many companies own their own buildings whether for their own offices and employees or rented out to other companies at a profit. A building left unattended is a dream-come-true for vandals and thieves especially if the building’s owner hasn’t properly secured the building. Business for tenants of a vandalized building could be interrupted if the owner is forced to close the building to make costly repairs. Tenants could look elsewhere to locate their offices. Enlisting security guards is one alternative that may help deter would be thieves and vandals from choosing your building to ransack. No company sets out to lose money, but if you don’t protect your business assets you may be a candidate for early retirement or worse – financial ruin.

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